St George Horse Centre - Tamworth, NSW, Australia

Pony Club For 2-5 year olds

pony club for 2-5 year olds

                                ~ Sundays 9-11 ~
Welcome to this class especially arranged for junior riders aged 2-6 yrs.
The aim is to share the experience of your child’s introduction to riding and to support all the children as they grow in confidence week by week.
The group will meet on a regular basis for a pleasant time socially as you get to know one another and your children.

Riding benefits children by developing coordination and balance. This is a perfect time for this to occur. Children this age are keen to test their gross motor skills. It’s also beneficial to learn about the care of animals. In the class we aim to have the children feed and groom the ponies at times.
Riding will be taught sequentially.

The first step is sitting on the horse, then walk on the lead, riding up and down hills, balancing exercises, steering and “stop” and “go” aids. Then we steer through various courses and do some exercises on the lunge. A short trail is also an option.
It is not a competition, it is a class where the children become familiar with a new environment, learn to respect horses and enjoy the relationship.

Patience is required. It is best to “follow the child” and not to force the child to participate as forcing might result in resistance. It is best for parents to follow advice from the  instructor, Amanda.
Your child may be comfortable on your first visit to just sit on the horse and then have a break and try again later. The instructors are understanding and will do what is best for the child.
Each child will ride for 30 mins
What you can do to make the class run smoothly -
Be patient and relaxed.
Bring some treats for the ponies, and if there is time after the session the children can give them to the horses. Carrots, apples  and bread are their favourite snacks.
We have lovely quiet ponies.
The covered arena can be used if it is a rainy day or if the sun is too hot.

FEES - $40 per half-hour lesson.

For the group sessions for older children we have a $15 cancellation fee 
but we have decided not to charge a joining fee and hope that the members will come regularly during the term and always phone if they can’t make it.
Phone Amanda 0438828573
The fee is paid by enclosing the $40 in an envelope with your child’s full name marked on it. There will be a posting box for the fees on the day.
We are only able to run the class with committed members who attend each week. 
What Do The Children Need To Bring?
Helmets and boots if you own them. We have helmets on loan at no extra charge.
The children can wear any long pants and a long-sleeved cotton shirt with a collar is ideal.
A form is to be completed to give parent's permission and this form can be downloaded on this website. The form is also available at the riding school. We need a completed form for each child.
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