St George Horse Centre - Tamworth, NSW, Australia

Children's Group Lessons (6 years and older)
(see description of lessons below)
Weekly lesson during school term -
2-hour group session, riding and horsemanship -  $40 for kids
These sessions run weekly from 3.30 to 5.30 after school and on Saturday morning from 8.30 to 10.30 and 10.30 to 12.30 during school term.


One Hour Trail Ride - $55

Private Lesson - $66 ( 45 minutes)


Boots are available for hire.

Phone for info
0431 123935
In our group lessons for children, the pupils learn while on horseback. Being in the company of other children makes it a more enjoyable experience. There are many benefits for children joining this class. Riding stimulates and develops strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, posture, movement and confidence. 
The following list shows what will be introduced during the term. Children who are familiar with these activities can go on to more challenging exercises.
Riding Skills
•    Approach a horse correctly, near side and off side
•    Mount and dismount
•    Hold and shorten reins correctly
•    Apply aids
•    Give commands to a horse on the lead
•    Lead a horse in trot
•    Sitting trot, Rising trot
•    Trotting up and down hills
•    Correct seat and leg position
•    Correct position of feet in the stirrups
•    Change of hand in the circle
•    Change of diagonal
•    Keeping distance when in line
•    Transitions
•    Parts of a horse test
•    Trotting poles
•    When the riders are well balanced and competent in these skills they learn to canter safely.
•    They can go on to practice for Sporting events or prepare for a Dressage test.
Horsemanship Skills
•   Put halter and bridle on correctly
•   Place saddlecloth and saddle on the horse
•   Groom
•   Pick up legs safely
•   Oil hooves
•   Rug a horse
•   Hose down a horse
•   Muck out a stable
•   Care for leather gear
•   A farrier visits from time to time during a class and shows the children the art of horse shoeing.
The children also learn about:
•   The diet and water requirements of horses
•   Common health problems
•   Preventing likely problems by having a drenching routine and regular farrier visits
•   Poisons in grasses
•   Insect attack
•   What causes horses to take a fright
•   How to calculate the weight of a horse using a tape
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